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Optimizing Women’s Health
at Every Age and Stage

Personalized Women’s Health Care

Did you know that your annual women’s health visit is one of the most important appointments you can make each year? More than just a preventive visit, your women’s health visit will include examinations, screenings, tests, and education—all necessary for you to understand your unique body and how to be as healthy as possible. Our doctors and nurse practitioners at Westwind Integrated Health are specially qualified to offer women’s health care at our four Phoenix and Glendale, AZ practice locations. Here, you can feel comfortable sharing your questions and concerns with skilled and compassionate medical professionals. We welcome you to discuss all aspects of your physical, reproductive, and sexual health so we can assist you in maximizing your whole-body health, no matter your age or the stage of life you are in. Our team recommends that young women in their mid-to-late teens schedule their first women’s health visit, though annual appointments do not need to begin until age 21. If you are looking for a new primary care physician, haven’t had a women’s health exam in some time, or would like to schedule an appointment for your teen, contact our office today.

Our Women’s Health Services

  • Health and nutritional counseling
  • Emotional wellness education
  • Breast and pelvic exam
  • Contraception and sexual health services
  • Urinalysis for pregnancy or infection
  • Pap smear and HPV testing
  • Screenings for cancer, STIs, and HIV
  • Mammograms and other testing
  • Hormonal replacement therapy

What to Expect at Your Women’s Health Visit

Your women’s health visit is focused on you—your history, reproductive and sexual health, and age-related risk factors. We will ask a handful of questions during your appointment to get to know you and learn about your habits and health goals. This is a great time to ask questions yourself and talk about any symptoms or concerns you may be experiencing. During the second half of your visit, we will complete a comprehensive breast and pelvic examination and a Pap test, if necessary. We may also schedule a mammogram or other tests depending on your age or other risk factors. As an integrated practice, we are also uniquely qualified to provide personalized dental care as well as women’s health care—all under one roof. Women’s physical and dental health are closely linked and taking this integrated approach to whole-body health is important during every stage of your life (puberty, menstruation, pregnancy, and menopause) as your hormones fluctuate and change. With comprehensive medical-dental care in a single location, we can truly provide whole-health care and help you optimize your health and wellbeing long-term.

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