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    Located in Tolleson, AZ, Westwind Integrated Health provides comprehensive dental and medical care in a single facility. With a whole-body approach to patient care, the multi-specialty team includes professionals from the dental, orthodontic, endodontic, periodontic, oral and maxillofacial surgical, and medical fields. This integration of oral and overall healthcare is uniquely designed to provide greater levels of convenience, promote accurate diagnoses and treatments, and create a better patient experience, especially for busy families and younger adults. If you are seeking convenient, cost-effective care that considers your whole-health and wellbeing, we invite you to experience our comprehensive dental-medical services. Schedule your appointment with our dentist or medical doctor today!

    Dental implants are considered the “gold standard” in tooth replacement due to their permanency. We place and restore single, multiple, and full arch dental implants with guided technology and advanced materials. Dental implants improve the patient’s ability to eat, speak, and socialize confidently, improving their overall health and quality of life.

    Our family dentistry services include pediatric and preventive care, orthodontics, and sleep apnea and TMJ. Coupled with our primary care services, we provide a convenient and cost-effective solution for busy families, and qualified, experienced care from a multi-specialty team of dentists and doctors.

    • Our whole-body approach to healthcare considers how oral and systemic conditions affect each other. With a multi-specialty staff that includes both dental and medical professionals, we collaborate to find root causes of oral-systemic disease and provide personalized treatment that improves the health of the mouth and body together.

    A unique aspect of our comprehensive care, we provide primary medical services in addition to general, cosmetic, implant, and restorative dentistry. At our practice, you can be seen for both oral and overall health concerns and be treated by a multi-specialty team of dentists and doctors that collaborates across the dental and medical fields.

    About Westwind Integrated Health

    Established as one of the few dental-medical practices in the country, Westwind Integrated Health (WIH) has quickly risen as an industry leader in comprehensive patient care. With four convenient locations in the Phoenix and Glendale, AZ areas, WIH is staffed by a multi-specialty team of dental and medical professionals that encompass all fields of expertise, including general dentistry, orthodontics, endodontics, periodontics, oral and maxillofacial surgery, nursing, and primary medical care. Together, the team at WIH focuses on providing integrative dental and medical services to improve the whole-body health of their patients.


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