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Top Five Things to Know Before Getting ClearCorrect

ClearCorrect in Phoenix, AZ
The choice to straighten your teeth is a lot easier with ClearCorrect® invisible aligner trays, due to the aligners being discreet and completely clear. Still, embarking on any orthodontic treatment plan is no small decision because you’ll be committing to a plan that’ll at least span the better part of a year – possibly longer. So before you make the decision to get invisible aligners, make sure you know these top five things about ClearCorrect beforehand.

One: You Have to Wear Them
Not only are they invisible when worn, but you can also take your aligners out anytime you want to. So it’ll be tempting to want to leave your aligners out for long periods of time, but you’ll need to at least wear them 22 hours out of every day.

Two: They May Take a Week or Two to Adjust To
Though they’ll fit snuggly onto your teeth, you may need a week or two to get used to compensating for your aligner trays when you talk. Don’t worry, you’ll get the hang of it in no time.

Three: Careful What You Consume
It’s a good thing that you can remove your aligner trays at any time, because there will be many occasions on which you’ll absolutely need to do so. Eating or drinking hot or extremely cold beverages or food items can stain and warp your aligners.

Four: Make Sure You Clean Them Properly
Rinse and soak your aligner trays daily to keep bacteria in check. Without regular cleaning, your aligners may warp or change color due to a bacterial infection. That buildup of bacteria can also threaten your oral health in general.

Five: They Really Work
Stick to the plan and you’ll get the results you planned on. Invisible aligner trays are really efficient at straightening teeth. You’ll likely see significant results in a matter of months. Many people spend just a year’s time wearing invisible aligners.

More on ClearCorrect in Phoenix, AZ
Take a moment to schedule a consultation with a local dentist to learn more about your options for getting ClearCorrect in Phoenix, AZ.

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