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The Top 3 Dental Implant Questions and Their Answers


Dental implants have long been considered to be the leading solutions to tooth loss. They not only give you back the ability to smile with confidence, but they also allow you to eat the foods you love, speak clearly, and protect your oral health. However, many patients have questions about dental implants. And they should. Dental implants are an advanced surgical procedure that requires careful planning, a skilled dentist, and a healthy mouth to even begin the procedure. To help answer your questions, most dental practices will offer consultations with you to help you better understand the entire procedure from start to finish, and to see if you are a candidate to begin with. To help you get prepared for your first consultation, here are the top three questions about dental implants that patients have:

1. How Can I Tell if I Qualify for Dental Implants?
The good news is that most people can be candidates for dental implants! If you have missing or failing teeth and the willingness to correct the problem, you are half way there! Even if you’ve been told that you have significant bone loss or gum disease, once these issues are corrected through dental treatments, many patients can then still get implants. However, you will need to visit your dentist to find out if you can get implants right away or will need extra treatments for existing conditions first.

2. Does Getting Implants Hurt? For most patients, getting dental implants causes very little discomfort. Yes, it is a surgical procedure, but your dentist will offer you sedation to help calm your anxiety and block sensations of pain. There are many different types and levels of sedation, so asking which option your dentist offers is important. Some practices even offer IV sedation, which can make you feel as if you are drifting off to sleep and waking up with all new teeth! And after surgery, pain is typically managed with medications, but most patients are back to normal after just a few weeks.

3. How Long Will My Dental Implants Last? One of the best parts about dental implants is the fact that your new teeth can virtually last a lifetime! With proper care of your implants and routine dental visits, you can expect the new teeth to last you for years to come. It is important to maintain proper oral health, because gum disease, bone loss, or infection can all compromise the security and longevity of the implants.

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