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The Benefits of Visiting a Dental-Medical Practice


We’re all aware of the benefits of seeing a dentist and healthcare professional every year. Most services that these doctors provide are preventive and help keep you healthy and happy. However, the benefits of these appointments can sometimes be overshadowed by how inconvenient and time-consuming attending multiple appointments at multiple offices can be. Especially if you have a family or lead a busy professional life, it can be all too easy to skip these appointments altogether.

All these hassles and more can be easily avoided if you choose care from the medical-dental team at Westwind Integrated Health (WIH). This team of dentists and medical professionals makes it possible to complete all your appointments in a single practice location. Other benefits of visiting a medical-dental practice include:

More convenient experience

For basic preventive treatment, and a few additional specialty treatments, you can visit one location for all your appointments! No more driving across town for a dental appointment one day and driving all the way back for an annual physical the next. The team at WIH makes it easy for you and your family to receive all their preventive care in one location.

Whole-body approach to care

Many dental and medical conditions can affect one another, specifically when a patient suffers from gum disease or diabetes. The WIH team takes an integrated, whole-body approach when treating their patients. With comprehensive and overlapping screenings and collaboration, the experienced doctors can provide the most personalized treatment plans that improve oral and overall health.

Easy access to specialists

The WIH team includes dentists, an orthodontist, endodontist, periodontist, oral and maxillofacial surgeon, nurse practitioners, and medical doctors. This team of specialists is highly skilled in their respective fields and continuously improves their skills and expertise through continuing education. In one location, you have easy access to highly experienced specialists who can treat a comprehensive range of dental and medical concerns.

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