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Integrating Medical and Dental Care


The Whole-Body Picture

Many dentists are aware of the oral-systemic connection, but few have the education or resources to actively assist patients in improving oral health and achieving better overall health. By curating a team of dental and medical professionals, we as a top-rated whole-body integrated care in Phoenix have the capacity to help patients become their healthiest selves by integrating their oral and overall healthcare. Our multi-specialty team not only considers how conditions such as temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders and sleep apnea or gum disease and diabetes are potentially linked but have the dental-medical collaboration to provide specialized and effective treatments. With this focus on the whole-body picture, we can address and resolve both dental and medical concerns of our patients—all within a single, convenient location.

Our specialties include:

our specialties
multi specialty approach
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How dentistry and overall health are connected, and how the staff at Westwind Dental care for both

The Multi-Specialty Approach

Much like the relationship between oral and systemic health, each dentist, specialist, and doctor work closely together to build up our patients’ whole-body health. Collaboratively, we can identify core medical and dental issues, develop personalized treatment plans and provide comprehensive treatment. Our team works closely with each patient to discover their untapped health potential, stay ahead of oral and system disease, and create actionable steps to establish better oral and overall health habits.

The Long-Term Benefits

Our family healthcare dentist in Phoenix dental-medical practice does more than simply provide great convenience for individuals and families, though we know this is a significant advantage. In addition to integrating your healthcare into a single location, we remain dedicated to your whole-body wellness long-term, assisting you in maintaining and monitoring your dental and medical health on a routine basis. With us, you can achieve not only a beautiful, functioning smile, but a level of overall health that improves your confidence, energy, and long-term health. If you are struggling with dental or medical concerns and don’t know how to begin taking steps toward better health, we invite you to visit our practice. We are truly unique in our dedication to transforming the whole-body health of our patients and would love the opportunity to assist you in becoming the best version of yourself.
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Dr. Beyramian discusses how Westwind Dental practices whole body integrated care

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