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Is it Worthwhile to Replace Dentures with Full Arch Dental Implants?

Many people take their teeth for granted and don’t appreciate them until they are gone. Without teeth, it becomes difficult to speak, a challenge to eat any foods other than soft ones, and self-confidence plummets. Full dentures are a common solution for those who have lost their teeth as they are familiar and affordable for many people. However, many long-time denture wearers may tell you that they have experienced frustrations living with dentures and they are not a close replacement for real teeth. This is why many denture wearers are replacing their denture prosthesis with full arch dental implants.   What are Full Arch Dental Implants Full arch dental implants are a permanent and secure alternative to traditional dentures. They replace all the teeth in an arch, either upper, lower, or both, and allow patients to ensure a smile that looks and feels natural. Full arch dental implants utilize four or more implants to secure a prosthesis of teeth to your jaw. They give patients added security, a natural appearance, and full functionality of their mouth again. Patients can often choose between implant supported dentures and more permanent full arch dental implants. Implant Supported Dentures This option for full arch dental implants can utilize a patient’s existing denture. Your doctors will still place dental implants into your jaw, but they will be able to attach to a denture prosthesis that has been fitted to support implants. This means your denture will have more security within the jaw and give you an improved bite. The denture is still able to be removed for cleaning and sleeping, but when worn, there is no chance of slipping, falling out, or gum irritation as the denture rests on the implants, not the gums. Full Arch Dental Implants This option is a more permanent solution than dentures as teeth are secured directly into the jaw bone. There is no denture prosthesis that needs to be removed, and most patients report their full arch dental implants to be the most lifelike solution. Patients who choose this option can treat their full arch dental implants just like natural teeth, and with proper care, they can expect them to last a lifetime. Most other people will never know that your teeth aren’t your natural teeth!   Replace Your Dentures Today Choose a tooth replacement solution that gives you more freedom—choose dental implants today! We invite you to meet our experienced and friendly doctors, Dr. Nabil Fehmi and Dr. Maryam Beyramian, in our offices across Phoenix, AZ!

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