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In the Clear: Considering Clear Braces to Straighten Teeth

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If you’ve got major teeth alignment issues and you’re a little hesitant to embrace the idea of wearing braces, you may find yourself feeling a little stuck between two options. On one side, there are invisible aligner trays that may not be sufficient to treat more severe alignment issues. On the other side, there are metal braces that are perfect for severe alignment cases, yet far from discreet. However, there’s an orthodontic treatment option that rests right in the middle: clear braces. Take a look at why you should consider clear braces if you’re struggling with the idea of wearing conventional metal braces.

They’re More Discrete the Conventional Metal Braces
One of the biggest benefits of going with clear braces over conventional braces is the fact that the former is more low-profile and stands out less than the latter. Those colorful brackets found on conventional metal braces are colorless on clear braces. While people won’t have a hard time spotting clear braces, they won’t attract nearly as much attention as colorful braces. Not all clear braces use clear archwire, but many do and those that employ clear archwire attract even less attention.

They’re More Adjustable than Plastic Aligner Trays
Invisible aligner systems can work fast and efficiently to straighten crooked teeth, but the ability for orthodontics to finely tune the archwire and brackets pressuring each tooth. This fine control over the movement of each tooth means even severe case of misalignment can be fully corrected.
There’s also less temptation to stray away from the treatment plan with clear braces than with invisible aligners. Invisible aligners are removable. In fact, you’ll need to remove them from time to time in order to eat certain foods and drink, and to maintain your teeth. Braces, on the other hand, are fixed and are only removable by an orthodontist. Their fixed nature ensures your treatment plan will stay on schedule.

Orthodontics in Glendale, AZ
Take a minute to schedule a consultation with a local dentist to learn more about your options for clear braces and other orthodontics in Glendale, AZ.

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