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I Have Bone Loss, Can I Still Get Dental Implants?

Full Arch Dental Implant Patient Getting A Bone Graft

Having a beautiful, bright smile can certainly be attractive and a confidence booster. However, if you may be experiencing bone loss, you may think that this type of smile is unattainable. Good news! A dentist in Phoenix, AZ can help guide you in the right direction to a full smile restoration using specialized techniques, such as bone grafting


What Is Bone Grafting?

No matter the reason, whether trauma or gum disease, bone loss can be a significant hindrance in enjoying daily life. It can cause decreased dental and tooth functioning, diminish your look and smile, and cause discomfort when attempting to execute activities that may involve your oral environment, including speaking, eating, or drinking. It can also cause a resorption process in the bone to occur that will lead to thinning and weakening of the bone, placing the rest of your teeth at risk for shifting out of place or falling out.

Bone grafting is a revolutionary procedure that helps to rebuild healthy jawbone, ensuring better dental functioning and improved overall health. The procedure is often described as the link between missing bone or teeth and a permanent tooth replacement options such as dental implants. A dentist in Phoenix, AZ will evaluate the overall state of your teeth and gums to create a customized treatment plant just for you that will incorporate the best bone grafting option for you.

Typically, bone grafting includes two main types:

  • Allograft: bone is sourced from a deceased donor or a cadaver that has been cleaned and stored in a tissue bank
  • Autograft: bone is sourced from a bone inside your body, such as your ribs, hips, pelvis, or wrist

During the procedure, a dentist in Phoenix, AZ will place you under general anesthesia so that you will be asleep during the process; helping to minimize any potential pain throughout the process. An incision in the skin above where the graft will be placed in made and then the donated bone is shaped to fit the area exactly. The graft is then help in place by various tools, including:

  • Pins
  • Plates
  • Screws
  • Cables
  • Wires

The incision is then stitched closed and any necessary bandages are placed. Then, the healing and recovery process begins, which can range anywhere from two weeks to more than one year. A dentist in Phoenix, AZ can give you the best advice during this time to ensure maximum healing is obtained. Once healing is complete, the dental implants that will act as permanent tooth replacement can be placed. This is why it is so important to choose the most knowledgeable team to execute this procedure, advice you throughout each step, and get you to the smile that you deserve! The fabulous professionals at Westwind Integrated Health in Phoenix, AZ can do just that!


Our Bone Grafting Options:

Dr Nabil Fehmi and the skilled team at Westwind Integrated Health in Phoenix, AZ create healthy foundations of bone as they understand the importance of having a strong and healthy start to creating a brand new smile. The team uses the best, most modern and specialized techniques to create a strong foundation for permanent tooth replacement with dental implants. These techniques can include:

Sinus lifts:

A sinus lift places bone grafting material under the sinus cavity to rebuild proper height and density beneath so implants can be placed.

Ridge augmentations:

Restores the natural contours of the bone and rebuilds a healthier ridge for the placement of one or more dental implants.

Dr Fehmi and the talented team at Westwind Integrated Health in Phoenix, AZ understand how much of an impact having a beautiful, healthy smile can have on your overall look and health. Be sure to reach out to them today to get started on a path to a brand-new smile!


Do You Need Dental Implants?

Dr. Nabil Fehmi, Dr. Maryam Beyramian, and the skilled team at Westwind Integrated Health in our offices across Phoenix, AZ are ready to discuss your personalized options! Schedule your appointment today!



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