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Quit Traditional Dentures for Good

Many missing teeth replacement options exist today, but few come close to the long-term advantages of full arch solutions. Full arch dental implants, the solution of choice for many patients, rely on the permanent strength and stability of dental implants placed securely into the jaw bone. With full-arch dental implants in Phoenix, the insecurities and functional issues of traditional dentures can be left behind for good. We offer full arch solutions that effectively transition dentally exhausted denture-wearers and those with failing dentitions into a state of improved health, function, and personal wellbeing. Dentures are no longer your only option. We are here to help you find the solution you need for a happy, active life with full arch dental implants.

Why Choose Full Arch Solutions?

Full arch dental implants don’t just give you stabilized teeth; they promote the health of your jaw bone, let you eat all the food you love, and give you the confidence to socialize with others. When surgically placed by our experienced oral surgeon, dental implants can provide a stable, strong foundation for your denture or prosthesis, or full arch replacement in Phoenix. Best of all, full arch solutions give you the opportunity to restore overall health and improve your overall quality of life!

Built to last a lifetime, full arch dental implants give you all the benefits you once loved with healthy and functional natural teeth, including:

  • Beautiful, straight, strong teeth
  • Strong biting and chewing power
  • No speech or enunciation problems
  • Confidence in an attractive smile

Traditional Dentures

Traditional Dentures

• Removable and unstable
• Need pastes and adhesives
• Can slip or fall out
• Difficult to bite and chew foods
• Trouble tasting and speaking

Implant Supported Overdentures

Implant Supported Overdentures

• Stabilized with dental implants
• No pastes or adhesives needed
• Don’t slip or fall out, but are removable
• Improved biting and chewing ability
• Trouble tasting and speaking

Full Arch Dental Implants

Full Arch Dental Implants

• Permanent, stable, and strong
• Eliminates pastes and adhesives
• Will never slip or fall out
• Restores 99 percent biting and chewing power
• Improve nutrition and dental health
• Enjoy the taste of all your favorite foods
• Speak with clarity and enunciate properly
• Improve overall confidence and wellbeing

Our Full Arch Treatment Process

The process for receiving full arch dental implants is extensive, but our experienced team will help you discover which option is right for you, help you with financing and payments, and provide all your implant treatment in one office, unless we elect for you to undergo surgery at our oral surgeon’s office. With a focus on conservative treatment and overall health, we collaborate to create the most effective treatment plan for your case. This may include tooth extractions, bone grafting and sedation dentistry. We also plan your surgery using CBCT scans and digital software and use surgical guides to ensure precision and accuracy during implant placement. Once your full arch dental implants are restored by our experienced team, you can enjoy the long-term benefits of stable, healthy, and beautiful teeth!
Full Arch Treatment Process - Westwind Integrated Health
Avoiding dentures - choosing a stable option for full arch replacement
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