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Enjoy Your Christmas With Healthy Gums

Dental Patient Suffering From Gum Disease

Most people spend a lot of time thinking about their teeth. However, you cannot have healthy teeth if your gums are unhealthy. Consequently, you should make sure to work with your dentist across Phoenix, AZ to develop a routine to keep your gums in tiptop shape. Not only will you love the way you feel, especially when you eat holiday foods and smile for all those family pictures, but you will improve your overall wellness.

Why Focus on the Gums?

Your gums protect your teeth. They also shield your jawbone from exposure to debris and bacteria. Without gums, the hard tissues in your mouth would have a tough time staying strong or doing their job.

What Are Common Gum Issues?

Over time, you might start to notice that your gums seem different than they did when you were younger. For instance, you might notice that in some places, your gums are receding. In other places, your gums might turn red and bleed, especially when you are eating. Any changes in the way your gums feel or look deserve attention from your dentist. Without treatment, many gum-related problems can negatively affect your whole system.

Take gum disease, for instance. Gum disease starts as an infection between the teeth and gums. Over time, bacteria grow and destroy not only gums but also teeth and bone. Adults who ignore gum disease are destined to lose their natural teeth, which is never a preferred outcome. Thankfully, with proper intervention and professional attention, gum disease can be eliminated in its beginning stages or at least managed to keep bacteria from returning.

Gum recession is another concern. Gums that have receded can no longer protect the teeth or jawbone. Again, the solution is often faster than many people realize. Dentists trained in laser periodontics can perform a minimally invasive procedure to restore the appearance and function of receded gums. And individuals who are not candidates for this solution may be perfectly suited for more traditional gum grafting.

A final concern regarding the gums is gum sensitivity. As long as the sensitivity is not accompanied by other problems, it can often be treated by changing toothpastes, brushing with a softer bristle, and staying away from certain foods and drinks.

Get the Gift of Healthy Gums

This holiday season, remember to give yourself a little something, too: The gift of healthy gums. If you have any problems with your gums, call (602) 581-7796 to arrange an appointment in our offices across Phoenix, AZ with our dentists, Dr. Nabil Fehmi and Dr. Maryam Beyramian.

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