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Emergency Dentistry: Urgent Care for Facial Trauma and Severe Tooth Pain

dental patient with tooth pain
Every moment matters, but they matter even more so in an emergency. When you’re faced with facial trauma or severe tooth pain, be able to be seen by a dentist in a moment’s notice can be the difference between losing teeth and keeping them. Take a look at some of the things an emergency dentist in Phoenix, AZ can do to treat facial trauma and severe tooth pain with same-day service.

Severe Tooth Pain
It can get to the point that’s it’s all that you think of. The relentless, throbbing pain stemming from a tooth can consume all of your thoughts, which is why emergency dental care is so critical.
Here’s a look at common sources of severe tooth pain, as well as the things an emergency dentist can do to treat them:
Toothaches and infections – abscesses and decay can plague the nerves and cause severe pain. An emergency dentist can quickly drain abscesses and perform root canals on short notices, using local anesthesia to give you immediate relief from pain.
Broken and chipped teeth – an emergency dentist can fill badly broken and chipped teeth. Some emergency dentist will give you a temporary crown until a permanent one is ready, while others can give you a permanent restoration same day.

Facial Trauma
Knocked out or loose teeth – if the tooth is minimally handled and still intact, there’s a strong chance an emergency dentist can re-insert a dislodge tooth or stabilize teeth that have been knocked loose.
Broken facial bones – an emergency dentist can protect broken facial bones by wiring the jaws, restricting movement and preventing further damage while the bones heal.
Soft tissue lacerations – get prompt care for cuts to the mouth, preventing an infection that could eventually attack the gums and teeth.

If you’re ever unsure where to turn in the event of an emergency, you should always contact first responders or an emergency room.

Emergency Dentistry in Phoenix, AZ
Take a moment to schedule an appointment with a local dentist to learn more about your options for emergency dentistry in Phoenix, AZ.

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