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Addressing Your Dental Implant Questions


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We are pleased to provide comprehensive dental implant care in our practice and welcome patients for a consultation to address their questions and concerns. As one of the few integrated dental-medical practices in the country, we offer a unique advantage in how we provide implant treatment. We look at the health of your whole body, including risk assessments and treatment for oral and systemic diseases. Along with offering comprehensive implant care in a single location, we give you the tools and resources to improve and maintain your whole-body health through dental implants, nutrition counseling, and routine dental and medical care. We encourage you to read more information about dental implants and invite you to schedule an appointment with our implant specialists and medical team for a comprehensive consultation.

Dental Implant FAQs

Dental implants are a permanent tooth replacement option that takes the place of one, several, or a full arch of missing teeth. The structure of implants closely mimics that of a natural tooth so that when surgically screwed into the jaw bone, it can function and look as closely as possible to the real thing.

Implants have retained a 95+ percent success rate and are designed to last for decades. Screwed into the jaw bone, dental implant posts integrate with the existing bone with a level of security and stability that mimics that of natural tooth roots. When placed by an experienced team and taken care of properly, they can last a lifetime.

The cost of dental implants varies based on many factors including how many teeth are missing if bone grafting is needed, where the missing teeth are located, the experience of the surgical team, and the materials used. We provide accurate estimates of your treatment cost after a comprehensive evaluation and consultation with our team.

Dental implants open the door to replace one, many, or all of your teeth. Either alone, as part of an implant-retained bridge, or as the foundation for a full arch prosthesis, implants have the versatility to restore any number of missing teeth—permanently.

Depending on the condition of your jawbone and oral health, you may require bone grafting or other treatments, such as for gum disease or to cease poor habits, before getting implants. Our multi-specialty team is trained in all procedures related to dental implants and can effectively prepare your mouth for surgery.

Dental implants are the only permanent tooth replacement option available today. Unlike dentures or bridges, implants can effectively restore full dental function for eating as well as overall smile aesthetics. Due to their stability and strength, implants also improve patients’ confidence and emotional wellbeing.

Our multi-specialty team includes a periodontist and an oral surgeon, both with advanced training in dental surgical techniques involving implants. Guided by 3D digital treatment planning technology, our team places implants using surgical guides custom-made for each patient. With this advanced protocol, our team has retained an extremely high implant success rate and excellence in patient satisfaction.

Our dedicated team restores all dental implants in-house using highly aesthetic and durable materials. Combining artistry and technical skill, we ensure that each patient receives new teeth that are symmetrical, proportional, and portray their unique facial shape and personality.

Cumulatively, our surgical implant team has been placing dental implants for decades. In addition, we remain at the forefront of implant dentistry through continuing education and the curation of the most advanced technologies and materials available. With a team of medical doctors on staff, our approach to implant care ensures the success of your treatment and promotes the long-term overall health of our patients.

Implants take a few months to become thoroughly integrated with the jaw bone. This process is called osseointegration and ensures the long-term success of your new teeth. If you have temporaries during this time, you will be able to enjoy their functional and aesthetic benefits almost immediately.

No, dental implants can be taken care of just like natural teeth. Though they do not stain and aren’t susceptible to decay, it is important to brush twice a day and floss once a day to remove any plaque and tartar buildup. The same toxin-releasing buildup that causes gum disease around natural teeth can cause peri-implantitis around implant posts. Maintaining good oral hygiene and visiting our office twice a year can help ensure your implants remain healthy for many years.

With proper at-home and professional care, dental implants should never need to be replaced. Though certain situations do arise, they are extremely rare. If you maintain great oral and overall health and maintain routine dental and medical appointments with us, you can enjoy the benefits of implants for a lifetime.

Frequently asked questions about dental implants

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