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Common Causes of Oral and Facial Pain


Living with oral and facial pain can be uncomfortable at best and debilitating at worst. While your condition may be stemming from a variety of causes, this doesn’t mean that your orofacial pain cannot be properly treated. It’s important, however, to find a dentist who specializes in diagnosing and treating oral pain and/or facial pain to ensure you find relief.

In most cases, the cause of oral and facial pain is a result of dental issues like a tooth abscess. When these are ruled out, TMJ disorder is often the next most common cause. Thankfully, with comprehensive treatment, a skilled dentist can help eliminate your symptoms, which may also include chronic headaches and teeth grinding and clenching.

Learn more about the common causes of oral and facial pain:

  • TMJ Disorder

TMJ disorder is a condition that occurs when the jaws are not in proper alignment. Misaligned jaws strain the joints and muscles of the face, as well as cause clicking and popping of the jaw. In more severe cases, it can be too painful or difficult to talk, eat, laugh, or yawn comfortably.

  • Teeth Grinding and Clenching

Bruxism is often the result of malocclusion. Many people subconsciously grind and clench their teeth as the jaw’s attempt to find harmony with an uneven bite. This chronic problem can also be a symptom of TMJ disorder, all of which leads to varying levels of oral and facial pain.

  • Chronic headaches

Chronic headaches or migraines can cause debilitating facial pain and are often associated with TMJ disorder. Constant stress to the jaw, joints, and facial muscles due to bruxism also can lead to headaches.

  • Head or neck injury

In the unfortunate case of a head, neck, or spinal injury, oral and facial pain may be a lingering side-effect. Treatment will depend on where the injury occurred and what muscles, nerves, and joints it affected.

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Oral and facial pain isn’t normal and should not be something you need to live with every day. Schedule a consultation with your local dentist to get relief.

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