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All of your medical & Dental care Needs

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Improving dental health has significant benefits for patients, but when integrated with comprehensive medical care, the outcomes are nothing short of life-changing.

At Westwind Integrated Health, we believe that comprehensive dentistry belongs to comprehensive medical care. The mission of our doctor-owned, multi-specialty practice is to treat patients by looking at the big picture—their entire body, not just their mouth—with a focus on overall wellness to help individual patients become the healthiest version of themselves. With a dedicated dental-medical team, we have the education, training, and resources necessary to transition you into a state of improved oral health and long-term whole-body wellness.

All patients have untapped potential to improve both their personal and dental health. You do, too. Contact Phoenix Dental today to begin your journey toward optimal health and a better quality of life.

About Westwind Integrated Health

Established as one of the few dental-medical practices in the country, Westwind Integrated Health (WIH) has quickly risen as an industry leader in comprehensive patient care. WIH is a group of private practices founded and locally-owned by doctors passionate about providing superior and comprehensive care to patients within communities they work and live in. With numerous convenient locations in Phoenix, AZ and surrounding areas, WIH is staffed by a team of medical professionals and multi-specialist dentists in Phoenix, encompassing all fields of expertise, including general dentistry, orthodontics, endodontics, periodontics, oral and maxillofacial surgery, nursing, and primary medical care.

Together, the team at WIH focuses on providing integrative services of medical and general dentistry in Phoenix to improve the whole-body health of their patients.

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Multi-Specialty Doctors on Staff
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Integrative & Comprehensive Approach

Our Specialized Services

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family, cosmetic and specialty dentistry

Family, Cosmetic & Specialty Dentistry

Family, Cosmetic & Specialty Dentistry

For the convenience of care, we offer comprehensive family dentistry services, including pediatric visits, orthodontic care for all ages, preventive services and dental cleanings, and integration of primary medical care for whole-body health.
whole body approach

Whole body approach

Whole Body Approach

Our whole-body approach to care is unique in our community, providing patients with both dental and medical care in one location. With an understanding of the oral-systemic connection, our dental and medical staff provide expert care and personalized, comprehensive treatment that restores optimal oral and overall health.
comprehensive medical care

Comprehensive Medical Care

Comprehensive Medical Care

We offer primary medical care in addition to comprehensive dental services. By integrating these two healthcare fields, we can provide a whole-body approach to both dental and medical care. This promotes better oral and overall health through collaboration and treatment planning from a team of dental and medical professionals.

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